Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Prepping For Cambodia

I'll be leaving for Cambodia today, and I'm especially excited for this trip because of all the different airlines I get to sample, including Cathay Pacific in their new business class, Dragonair, Cambodia Angkor Air, Bangkok Airways, Thai Airways in first class, and Asiana Airlines in both business and first class... just to name a few. I booked a rather complicated return route so I could squeeze in a visit to the Thai Airways Royal First Class Lounge in Bangkok, and also try out Asiana Airlines' first class service from Seoul to Los Angeles. Of course, a full trip report will be forthcoming once I return in early April.

I'm also extremely excited to finally be able to see the famed Angkor Wat. Many of my friends have recounted their amazing experiences there, and I've wanted to visit as soon as possible - before more renovations and access restrictions take effect. Unfortunately, I actually had to cut this trip shorter than planned, as it originally included another week in Laos. The month of March turned into an absolute nightmare at my day job, and I didn't want to give my manager a heart attack by telling him I'd be taking two and a half weeks off! Hopefully I'll be able to visit Laos within the next year or two.

Finally, I'm slightly nervous since this is my first solo trip in about five years. Typically I'm very comfortable navigating around large cities by myself anywhere in the world, but Cambodia might just be a little more adventurous. I will continue to post pictures and updates sporadically, although WiFi access might be spotty depending on where I'm at. Wish me luck, and I'll see you guys again in April!

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