Thursday, March 22, 2012

Easy 1,000 Virgin America Elevate Points Via Facebook

Virgin America is running an easy promotion on Facebook. In celebration of their 2,000,012th Elevate member, you can enter to win one of 20 grand prizes of 100,000 Elevate points. And just for entering, you will earn 1,000 Elevate points!

Entering is simple. All you have to do is sign into your Facebook account, then head on over to Virgin America's Elevate Rewards Yearbook page. Be sure to first "like" the page by clicking the "like" button on the upper right hand corner. Then go down and follow the link to put a page in the yearbook and earn 1,000 Elevate points. Your profile picture should automatically appear, and all you have to do is fill out some additional information (be sure to include the email address that is already linked to your Elevate account). Once you enter, you should see a confirmation page stating that your photo made the yearbook.

The contest runs from March 19 to April 6, 2012, and you will receive the 1,000 Elevate points four to six weeks after the end date. For complete contest rules, click here. I previously posted about the recent enhancement to Virgin America's Elevate program, where you can now redeem Elevate points on international partner flights. While not a great redemption value in my mind, it does give you plenty of new opportunities to use your 100,000 Elevate points if you just so happen to win the grand prize ;)

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