Thursday, April 19, 2012

Spirit Airlines Marketing Stoops Even Lower

Just when you thought Spirit Airlines couldn't go any lower with their marketing campaigns, they've found a way to dig even deeper. Capitalizing on the recent Secret Service scandal and the GSA overspending debacle, Spirit is running a "More Bang For Your Buck" sale to (where else?) Cartagena, Columbia, warning that "upfront payment is required" and also a "GSA" (Great Savings Always) sale, promising that "even interns can afford it".

Remember this is the airline that also brought you the "MILF" (Many Islands Low Fares) sale, the "MUFF" (Many Unbelievably Fantastic Fares) sale, and the "Weiner Sale" in honor of the Anthony Weiner scandal ("With fares too hard to resist"). And who can forget the infamous ads inspired by the BP oil spill ("Check out the oil on our beaches!").

Over the top? Hilarious? Incredibly inappropriate? I have a hard time deciding. All I know is, I never, ever, ever want to fly Spirit Airlines. Ever.

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