Thursday, April 26, 2012

50,000 Bonus Membership Rewards Points American Express Business Gold Rewards Card

This promotion is valid for today only! Not the best offer ever, but definitely one of the higher ones I've seen in a while for the American Express Business Gold Rewards card. Earn 50,000 bonus Membership Rewards points after spending $5,000 within your first 4 months. You earn 3x points per dollar spent on airfare, 2x points per dollar spent on advertising, gas, and shipping, and 1x points per dollar spent everywhere else. The annual fee of $175 is waived for the first year.

Despite losing some of its luster recently (with the British Airways and Aeroplan devaluations as well as the exit of Continental Airlines and pending exit of Priority Club Rewards on June 30, 2012 as transfer partners), Membership Rewards still retains some great airline and hotel transfer partners. Best of all, they appear to consistently run transfer bonus promotions throughout the year, especially with British Airways and Delta Airlines. In fact, through May 31, 2012, you can earn a 50% bonus on all points transfers to British Airways, although it might be difficult to complete the $5,000 spend requirement and earn the 50,000 bonus points before the deadline hits.

I would rank this promotion below some of the more lucrative offers in the big list of credit card sign-ups I posted two weeks ago. However, if you haven't had an American Express Business Gold Rewards card before and can meet the spend requirement easily, then I say go for it. Click on the link below to apply:


  1. You mentioned here about the 50% bonus transfer perk from Amex Points to British Airways Points. This sounds like a great perk, especially since I fly American Airlines, which I can use my British Airways points to fly on American. However, from your April 20, 2012 thread, you mentioned the possibility of US Airways merging with American Airlines. Do you think that this merger might make British Airways exit as a points partner with American Airlines? Basically, I have quite a bit of Amex points, and I do fly American Airlines regularly but do not fly British Airways. Your thoughts on if I should do the points transfer? The last thing I want is to have an account of unused British Airways points since I don't plan to fly British Airways.


    1. Hi Frank. In my opinion, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. Even if US Airways and American Airlines do merge (and that's a very big if right now), I'm virtually 100% sure the combined airline will remain with OneWorld, meaning you would still be able to redeem your British Airways miles on American. As I mentioned in my previous post, US Airways is already the odd man out in Star Alliance, while American Airlines is the bedrock and one of the founding members of OneWorld. Your miles will be safe regardless of what happens!