Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Next Big Adventure...

Apologies for taking an eternity to complete the South American Altiplano trip report. I was really hoping to finish prior to leaving for Australia, but with so much to prepare for this trip, I simply ran out of time. And since I'm currently stuck in the stone age traveling without a laptop, my only hope of updating this blog will be during short periods of downtime at hotel business centers.

On the upside, I'm very excited (and nervous) about this three-and-a-half week solo trek through Australia. It has been a culmination of nearly one year of planning. With so many stops along the way, my head is spinning right now from all the information and research. I suppose this is the disadvantage of being an obsessive compulsive planner.

The trip starts off with one of the more extravagant flights I've taken in a very long time. I will definitely be writing extensively about my experiences on the Qantas A380 in first class from Los Angeles to Melbourne. Unfortunately, all seven domestic legs within Australia will be in economy, as will my return home from Perth via Singapore and Seoul on Singapore Airlines.

Thanks for reading, and I will be back soon!

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