Monday, March 10, 2014

CitiBusiness Miles Not Posting To AAdvantage Accounts

There appears to be an ongoing problem related to CitiBusiness AAdvantage miles not posting to their respective AAdvantage accounts during the months of December, January, February, and March. This issue seems to be affecting only new CitiBusiness accounts created after November 2013. Personal CitiBank AAdvantage accounts don't appear to be affected.

I received my first statement a few days ago for an account I opened in January 2014. I noticed that I had earned 997 miles for my regular purchases. However, in the section that states "AAdvantage Miles Reported to American Airlines", I see a big fat 0. Since as long as I can remember, AAdvantage miles earned through Citibank credit cards have almost always posted immediately after the statement date.

After calling CitiBusiness directly and speaking to an agent, I was informed that due to the American Airlines and US Airways merger, there has been a problem on the AAdvantage side with linking their accounts to new CitiBusiness accounts. She assured me that my earned miles are safe and being kept track of on Citibank's side, and that once the AAdvantage program sorts out their issues, I should expect to see all miles earned since December post in one lump sum.

The problem, however, may take another two billing cycles before it is completely resolved. Afterwards, all miles should again post to AAdvantage accounts immediately after the corresponding statement date. For those of you who need to book award tickets using AAdvantage miles but are low on miles due to this delay, I have heard that it may be possible to go negative on your account temporarily... if you can convince the agent to allow you to do so. I can't vouch for the veracity of this, but it may be worth a shot. In the meantime, sit tight and hope that American Airlines fixes this problem ASAP.

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