Friday, August 17, 2012

Cambodia April 2012 - Cathay Pacific The Wing Lounge HKG

***This post is part 5 of a full trip report. The index can be found here*** 

Upon arrival at Hong Kong International Airport, I passed through the transit security area and headed back into the main departures hall. HKG has always been one of my favorite airports, just because of its plentiful passenger facilities, beautiful architecture, and of course, awesome Cathay Pacific lounges. Unfortunately, their flagship lounge, The Wing, has been undergoing massive renovations for over a year now, and that was still the case when I arrived. The Level 7 main entrance was temporarily closed, so I entered through Level 6 and was quickly checked in.

The last time I visited The Wing back in 2011, much of the lounge was blocked off due to construction. This time, I saw a vast improvement, with the Level 6 Business Class Lounge completely overhauled, and sections of Level 7 opened up as well. However, most of Level 7 was now part of the Business Class Lounge, as the First Class Lounge was in the midst of its own renovation (due to reopen in the fourth quarter of 2012). First class passengers still had exclusive access to The Atrium on Level 7, but honestly, it looked like nothing more than an extra cordoned-off area lacking in amenities found throughout The Wing.

Level 6 had a cozier feel to it, with plenty of open seating throughout. I really liked the Cathay Solus Chairs, designed specifically for the single traveler. It's sort of a self-contained pod that was great for work or just relaxation. There was a self-serve buffet with several hot options as well as fruits, snacks, and drinks.

Opposite the main lounge area was a business center with six computers, and further down the hall were the shower facilities, which had a simple and elegant design. There were complimentary Murad bath products and thick towels for guest use.

After a quick shower, I decided to head upstairs to check out the rest of the Business Class Lounge. The last time I was there, Level 7 was a sad sight to behold, with lots of white tarp everywhere and half the lounge blocked off. It looked a lot better this time, with tons of open seating and The Long Bar up and running. The high ceilings and natural lighting, combined with amazing views of the tarmac, made this a truly relaxing environment. Along the back wall was another self-serve buffet with even more options than the one downstairs.

Although The Haven and the rest of the First Class Lounge was closed for renovations, The Noodle Bar was now opened, serving authentic made-to-order noodle dishes and Chinese-style buns. I decided to go with the spicy peanut-sauce Dandan noodles and traditional barbeque pork bun. Next to the ordering area was a slightly smaller self-serve buffet with soups and other hot dishes. Further down the hall past The Noodle Bar was the new Coffee Loft, serving freshly-brewed coffee and pastries.

After spending a good four hours or so exploring the lounge, I finally decided to head back into the hectic departures hall and walked to my gate. Along the way, there were plenty of opportunities for planespotting, and I snapped a photo of the Singapore Airlines A380-800, which I will be trying out next January (sadly in economy only).

Overall, I would say my experience at The Wing this time was a vast improvement over my last visit more than a year ago. Once the First Class Lounge is fully renovated, I believe The Wing will finally return to its former glory as one of the world's best lounges. I certainly can't wait to visit again!

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  1. It has INDEED returned to its former glory, and then some. I hope you get to visit.