Monday, December 12, 2011

Flyertalker Gone Wild?

This story is just so absurd I had to laugh, and repost. It also made me slightly jealous ;)

There is an article in the LA Times about how Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum finance director Ronald Lederkramer charged nearly $270,000 worth of new sound equipment to his personal Chase Visa just so he could earn points. The Coliseum has been undergoing major renovations, and apparently, Lederkramer found a way to put large purchases in installments on his personal credit card rather than issue standard checks from the taxpayer-owned stadium.

While this seems to "violate every procurement policy the city of Los Angeles has in place to protect taxpayers", one does question if it is in fact illegal. Seems to me like he should be fired for what he did, but jail time would probably be a little excessive. That may depend, however, on whether or not he overcharged the city in order to use his personal Visa, or if either way of payment would have resulted in the same cost. What's even more ridiculous is the fact that this wasn't a one-time occurrence either. He had been charging major stadium purchases on his personal Visa for almost 3 years, racking up an additional $114,000 in charges... all while earning a salary of $190,000!

I just hope Lederkramer didn't redeem his points for a pair of first class tickets on United like the article suggests... at least spring for an airline that has first class suites and caviar! ;)

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