Monday, June 27, 2011


Over the past year, one of the most indispensable tools in accumulating miles and points I've found is AwardWallet. When starting out in the miles game, we typically try to stash miles/points away in one or two rewards programs. However, as we expand the number of credit cards we apply for and the number of programs we belong to increases, it becomes exponentially harder to keep track of all our account balances.

That's where AwardWallet comes in... set up an account, and you can store all of your airline miles and hotel rewards program balances in one place. You can choose to store your account username and password locally or with AwardWallet. However, if you store the information on your own computer, each time you clear your cache, all of that information will be deleted. So far, I have 14 accounts that I've stored with AwardWallet, and it's been working out great. It even pulls upcoming flight itineraries and hotel stays from your accounts.

AwardWallet also gives you the option of upgrading to AwardWallet Plus. The best part of the upgrade is that it will list out all the expiration dates of your miles and points. In addition, it allows for export to Excel and displays historical account balance data for each of your programs. The great thing is you choose how much you want to pay for the upgrade. Think of it as a donation instead since they've done such a great job providing this free service.

Right now, AwardWallet is generous enough to provide upgrades to all first-time users who register through a referral link. The upgrade is good for 6 months. Access Award Wallet through the link below, then click through to sign up and the free upgrade code should be pre-populated.

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